The Gig-Arts Events have a ripple effect.
The Gigs are a catalyst that inspire the Artists and Musicians to use their time and talent to help others in the community.


After the programme and in exchange for their (free) day of training and performing, students are encouraged to 'Give' one day of their time to benefit their local community. Students are responsible for signing up to the schemes themselves. If students have their own initiatives which they would like to pursue, they will be asked to complete an application form outlining their project and also a risk assessment of the activity. 


An example of how Oscar May gave back


Oscar May was a paricipant at the first ever Gig-Arts, at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. For his community project Oscar produced a series of six photographs to promote the sale of clothing at a Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice charity shop. The aim was to attract a younger audience to buy charity clothes. He really enjoyed taking the photographs that he knew would help the charity. "It made me feel really good giving back to the community for a good cause" said Oscar.

Thanks to Abbie's encouragement at Gig-Arts he found that when he went to university interviews he was more confident and enthusiastic rather than being so shy. Gig-Arts really helped him with this. 

Oscar went on to do a BA (Hons) Photography course at the London College of Fashion, which prepared him for a career in a very challenging business! Thanks to Gig-Arts Oscar also developed his entrepreneurial skills and as a student was commissioned to do a photo shoot for the internationally acclaimed rock band 'Marillion'!

Oscar is now a freelance photographer based in London. He specialises in shooting portraiture and fashion photography.


There are many ways to give back. What's your idea? How will you give?

Our Top Tips for Giving!

Visual Artists

  • Donate a painting to a hospital
  • Make creative bunting for a children’s hospice
  • Run a drawing class in a care home
  • Make a colourful mobile for a disabled centre
  • Do a sustainable design to make a difference
  • Create a poster for social change and post it 
  • Create Ceramics for sale for the Gig-Arts charity 
  • Knit, sew – make clothing or even sleeping bags for the homeless

Performing Artists

  • Teach singing in a school
  • Write a theatre show and perform it for charity
  • Busk in your local town to raise funds for Gig-Arts
  • Put on a Concert for the Gig-Arts Charity
  • Star in a self-produced dance show to help the disabled
  • Video yourself as a poet and post your poems online to promote Eco Living
  • Create a carnival for disadvantaged kids